About Hilton

“Hilton’s Story”

Hilton E. Nugara was born in Sri Lanka. He also lived in West Africa for a few years while he was growing up, as his father was in the diplomatic service.

He then migrated to Australia in the early ‘70s, with his parents. His first business venture was as a disc jockey, playing music for parties, dances, weddings, divorces etc. He then started his own business importing cars in 1983. Since then, he has run many other businesses, such as video libraries, night club promotions and entertainment and importing novelty gifts and lighting and a few other business ventures as well.

Over the years Hilton has been in a few relationships, one even lasting eleven years. He says although there were plenty of good times whilst in those relationships, he sometimes wondered what went wrong. As he was always involved in business, he never took the time to settle down. Then one day he suddenly realised that most of his friends who were once happily married, were now on their Second Time Around.

He said he then decided to write this book titled ‘Second Time Around’, so that others may know as well, how a good relationship or marriage could sometimes go from good, to bad and even end up in murder.

Over the years of being successful in many different businesses, he was inspired to write his book ’25 Easy Ways to Easy Cash’. In this book he provides detailed insights for his readers, who want to leave the everyday rat race and enjoy the freedom of running their own business, while improving their cash flow at the same time.