Second Time Around


Second Time Around


This book is for people who are single, already married, thinking of getting married, or even on their second time around. It has twenty five chapters, of real life experiences accumulated from people who have been in different kinds of relationships, during the course of their lives. Hopefully, this book will help you learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences in previous relationships and you will see how a good relationship can go bad due to lack of finances, sex, breakdown in communications, interference from in-laws, being selfish and even when kids come into the picture. You will also see how working long hours and even running your own business could sometimes have a price to pay in your personal life. If you’re young, old or middle aged and have been in relationships in the past and you are now wondering what the hell went wrong, then this book should be of interest to you.


Generally more than one in three marriages ends up in divorce, which is quite a large number of people when you really think about it. I then decided to find out why so many friends and other acquaintances, who once were happily married, were now on their “Second Time Around”. To my amazement, I found quite a few of them were only too happy to tell me their side of the story, in what caused the breakdown of their relationships or marriage.


Speaking to various people who were now on their second time around, encouraged me to write this book, of the 25 most interesting stories. Hopefully, you might be able to see the mistakes and temptations that are possible in ruining a good relationship, or marriage. I hope by reading this book, you will be more successful in your present and future relationships.


Best regards,


Hilton E. Nugara.